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We have discovered that when we send an email to an address ending in, it ends up in the spam folder of the intended recipient. We had our email hosting company change a setting to hopefully resolve this but it is quite possible that many of you who have reached out to us may not have gotten a reply if using a gmail account.

Update 1/17/19

Our pouring permit application was submitted to the MA ABCC last week. We are currently waiting for National Grid to approve an upgrade to our electrical service. We are continuing to make progress towards opening – check out a few photos below:  

Clean Glasses! Our glass washer has been installed and is ready to be put to use.


Our flight cases are looking good and are getting closer to being filled with beer!


Our bulk CO2 tank has been installed and is ready to add bubbles to our beer!



More Paperwork!

Actual photo of our application.

We completed this stack of forms and supporting documents required for our pouring permit application and submitted it to the town this week. After a hearing with the Board of Selectman, it will be sent to the state for approval.

This is the last step in the licensing process and will allow us to serve beer on site.

State License

We have been granted our Farmer Brewery License from the MA ABCC. This is great news and another step closer to opening!


Independent Craft Brewery

How can you tell if a beer is made by a U.S. craft brewer? Seek the independent craft brewer seal.

The independent craft brewer seal was launched in June 2017 by the Brewers Association. The Brewers Association (BA) is the membership organization dedicated to promoting and protecting small and independent craft brewers in the United States. The BA defines a craft brewer as small, traditional and independent.

The logo is designed as an upside-down beer bottle, which symbolizes how the U.S. craft beer movement has turned beer on its head worldwide. 

As global beer makers purchase formerly independent craft brewers, knowing which breweries are independent can be confusing for craft beer consumers. Look for the seal shown on the left to know you are purchasing beer brewed by an independent craft brewer like Fieldcrest.

A Sign of Things to Come

Here is the vision for our new sign. Our friends at Art-Tec Signs are busy making the actual sign that will soon replace the Dana’s Grillroom sign in front of our building on Boston Road. 


Stainless Anniversary?

We celebrated our anniversary yesterday by working at the brewery. At least next year there will be beer in the tanks!